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Hosting An Intervention For Drug Addiction Treatment

When you love someone who needs drug addiction treatment you are in a difficult spot. If they are happy with you then you are likely enabling their bad behavior. You may be giving them a place to stay or money. You know what they are doing is wrong but you don't want to cut them out of your life. If you are encouraging them to get help, they likely won't be very happy with you.

The life of an addict is a rollercoaster ride. Yet it isn't just them on the ride. Everyone who loves and cares for them is along too even if they don't want to be. Hosting an intervention for drug addiction treatment may be what has to be done for them to see they really do need help and they have support all around them.

Plan it Well

Get a group of loved ones involved to encourage drug addiction treatment intervention. Who will that person really listen to? It may be their parents or their significant other. It may be older children or someone they work with. The intervention should be small and intimate. Be ready for an array of emotions. It is wise to have a professional involved in the actual event to help facilitate.


Where the intervention is going to take place is important. It should be a place where the person is going to feel welcome and comfortable. For example, in their home or the home of a loved one. It shouldn't be done in the open such as at a restaurant or other public place. It should be done where everyone is safe and can share what they have to say.

Plan of Action

The individual has to know during the intervention that everyone agrees drug treatment is the only option. They also have to see the plan of action involves them walking out of that intervention setting and right into treatment. There is no time for goodbyes or to get anything in order. All of that will need to be done for them. If they have children to care for, they need to know someone is going to take care of all of that for them. They will look for excuses not to go to rehab right then so eliminate them one by one.

Be Ready for the Outcome

You can't back down when you are part of an intervention for someone. They need drug addiction treatment and each day they don't get it is a day when they risk hurting themselves and others or getting into legal trouble. They may beg and plead not to go to treatment but you have to demonstrate tough love and a united front.

Keep in mind you can't force someone to go to a rehab program. It is their choice in the end. However, they need to be clear what the consequences will be if they don't go. For example you may need to tell them they can no longer live with you, they will no longer get money from you, etc. They have to see the life they have been living is going to change and they are the decision maker. Get Drug Addiction Treatment from us.You have read, Hosting An Intervention For Drug Addiction Treatment.
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